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All Canadian life insurance providers denied her – how a heart attack survivor was approved on the same day

By Lin Ray on 27 May. 2024

Susan’s Story...

Susan and her husband Joe, from Nova Scotia were eager to start their long-awaited retirement. Their kids had long flown from the nest, with kids of their own on the way. Susan was ready to enjoy a long-awaited trip to Scotland, quality time with her grandchildren and summers at their cottage.

But everything changed when Susan had her heart attack. Her long recovery required dipping into their hard-earned savings and all plans have been put on an indefinite hold.

Eight months later Susan was well enough to start getting her life back and the first item on her list was a life insurance plan.

However, like too many Canadians, Susan was denied by every provider due to her health history. Luckily for her, she tried Specialty Life Insurance.

Unlike other insurance providers, Specialty Life NEVER excludes a person due to their health history. You are GUARANTEED to be accepted.

  • Susan’s children will receive up to $25,000, tax-free, upon her passing
  • She’s never forced to visit the doctor nor subject herself to medical exams
  • She can apply & purchase her coverage online
  • She can enjoy guaranteed coverage up until she’s 100
  • She has a full 30-days to receive a complete refund should she change her mind
... But the biggest relief for Susan? She and her husband can FINALLY enjoy their retirement knowing their final expenses are completely covered!

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