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Are you caring for young children AND aging parents? Find out how to keep BOTH financially secure.

By Lin Ray on 27 May. 2024
Did you know that nearly 55% of Canadians between the ages of 45 and 64 are simultaneously taking care of young families and aging parents?

If you fall in this category you know that caring for aging relatives comes with significant additional costs. This includes prescriptions, medical equipment required for mobility, groceries, specialized care and more. In fact, the estimated annual cost per household is at least $3300. It can be significantly higher for family members with more complex needs.

Who will cover those costs if something happens to you while you are caring for two generations of family members? It’s a question that probably keeps you awake at night. Without you, your family would be responsible for multiple financial burdens such as:
  • A mortgage,
  • Personal loans,
  • Funeral expenses, and
  • Future care costs for children and parents.

Left to cover these expenses on their own, your family will suffer.

A fast, easy, and affordable way to provide financial security is with a No Medical Term Life Insurance policy. No Medical Term Life Insurance provides a tax-free lump sum benefit to your family when you die. They can use this money to make mortgage payments, hire caregivers, and replace lost income.

No Medical Term Life Insurance is an easy way to get the coverage your family needs. Don’t let a busy schedule or family history of disease stop you from applying. All it takes is a few clicks online and a quick phone call with a licensed agent. Most policies are approved within 24 hours.

A few features that make No Medical Term Life Insurance a great choice:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in coverage with no medical exams
  • Fixed premiums that are guaranteed to stay level
  • Simple, paperless application
  • Approval in 24 hours

Here is how to get started:

To search for a plan best for you, without going through hundred of companies or talking to various agents simply:

Step 1: Select your age.

Step 2: Complete a 1 minute questionnaire and receive a personalized quote.
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