Easing funeral expenses financial burden: innovative guaranteed acceptance plan brings relief to Canadian seniors

Canadian seniors can now secure their end-of-life expenses with a revolutionary Final Expense Life Insurance plan. The plan's simple eligibility requirements have left many seniors in shock as they qualify for coverage without the need for a medical exam or a complicated application  process.

Designed to meet the unique needs of Canadians, this life insurance offers flexible options, allowing you to choose up to $50,000 of coverage that works best for you and your loved ones. And with affordable rates, you can ensure that you're getting the best value for your money.

Over 50% of Canadians uninsured due to life insurance misinformation - new plan offers affordable coverage

According to a recent poll, more than 50% of Canadians lack life insurance*, with the most common reasons cited as:

Canadians with Pre-Existing Conditions Eligible for $50,000 Tax-Free Coverage

Many Canadians are under the impression that a pre-existing condition or their medical history will make it impossible to obtain life insurance coverage. This misinformation leaves a large segment of the vulnerable population unprotected. 

Specialty Life Insurance has designed a new product where your health is no longer a barrier to getting coverage. In fact, you can apply even with a history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many more serious conditions.  

Breadwinners, NOW is the time to protect your family from financial hardship

Canadians ages 40-70 are surprised their acceptance for life insurance is guaranteed despite serious health issues

Thinking you might need seniors life insurance? But afraid you won’t qualify or that’s it’s too expensive?

Introducing a unique, game-changing life insurance product specially designed for seniors: Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors.

Health does NOT need to be a barrier to affordable life insurance any longer. With Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors, life insurance coverage is guaranteed no matter any existing health conditions - even if you have a history of serious illness such as heart conditions, cancer, or stroke.

Traditional life insurance often requires medical underwriting, which includes blood and other invasive tests. The application can take months to process, and are designed to weed out those who often need life insurance the most - seniors!

Luckily, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Seniors has no blood tests, no medical tests of any kind. This specialized plan can get Canadians coverage instantly, with no inconvenient agent visits or long complicated paperwork.

Fewer Canadians than ever have savings. Here’s how to keep your family protected

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canadians were able to save just 3.21% of their disposable income in the last couple of years, or about $1,277 on average per household. This places us in the bottom half of 29 countries studied, with Americans able to save more than triple that amount. The three main reasons it is so difficult to save nowadays are:

Dual-income Canadians flock to easy protection for their family’s future

With the cost of living rising fast, it’s safe to say you and your partner are probably like most Canadian couples... Your family depends on BOTH your incomes. But what happens if you lose one of your incomes? What sacrifices would your family have to make?

All Canadian life insurance providers denied her – how a heart attack survivor was approved on the same day

Susan and her husband Joe, from Nova Scotia were eager to start their long-awaited retirement. Their kids had long flown from the nest, with kids of their own on the way. Susan was ready to enjoy a long-awaited trip to Scotland, quality time with her grandchildren and summers at their cottage.

Funerals in Canada can cost upwards $10,000. How savvy Canadians left their families debt-free.

With inflation at decade-long highs, and interest rates on the rise, more and more Canadian seniors worry about the expenses they’ll leave their families when they pass away.
Funerals are more expensive due to inflation. Debt is less manageable due to rising interest rates. More and more families are living paycheque to paycheque

Canadians shocked they can get instant approval for this life insurance coverage

When most Canadians think of life insurance they imagine the following:

As a matter of fact there have been tremendous advances in the life insurance market and financial security for your family can now be achieved in one single day.

New No Medical Term Life Insurance is an affordable plan that can get you covered faster and easier than ever before. Consider these benefits:

Your loved ones will be able to use the tax-free benefit to cover lost income, make mortgage payments, payout outstanding debt, cover final expenses and more.