Empowering Canadians with Diabetes: $50,000 now available in customized life insurance coverage

Are you living with diabetes? If so, you probably know how difficult it can be to get financial protection. 

Traditional life insurance providers require medical exams and often refuse coverage for people with conditions like diabetes. As a result, deserving individuals are left feeling vulnerable and anxious about their family's financial future.

Innovative life insurance offers Canadian cancer survivors guaranteed acceptance, despite health history.

As medical advancements continue to break barriers, more and more Canadians are triumphing over cancer, embracing life with newfound courage. However, for those who have conquered cancer, obtaining life insurance coverage has often been an uphill battle due to their health history.

Canadians over 50 can now get approved for this exclusive life insurance plan in 24 hours or less.

Many Canadians aged 50 and above often find it challenging to secure traditional life insurance policies. In fact, approximately 30% of applicants in this age group may face denials or encounter challenges due to pre-existing medical conditions or complex application processes.

However, there is a silver lining - an exclusive life insurance plan - Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance offers guaranteed acceptance and a swift 24-hour approval process. Unlike traditional policies, this innovative life insurance plan removes the barriers to coverage for Canadians over 50. Regardless of your health history, you can obtain coverage with ease, thanks to the guaranteed acceptance feature of this exclusive plan.

How Canadians with serious health issues leaving up to $50,000 to their families, tax-free.

Many Canadians wish to provide financial support to their families to cover final expenses such as:

A tax-free life insurance benefit can be used by your family to cover such expenses; however, a misconception that you will be instantly denied coverage because of health issues or your medical history, stops many from applying.

Canadians with serious health issues can get this life insurance policy in their hands today

Did you know more than one in five Canadian adults live with one of the following chronic diseases? Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic kidney disease.

Funeral costs are on the rise in Canada: what you should know

According to OnFuneral, the average cost of a funeral in Canada ranges between $1,500 to $20,000 - a staggering expense if your family isn’t prepared for it.
Ensuring this huge financial burden doesn’t fall on your loved ones is now easier with the new Excelsior Life Insurance Plan, which has already helped thousands of Canadians with their funeral expenses. This plan is offered by Specialty Life Insurance, a leading provider of no medical life insurance in Canada.