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Canadians over 40 can get $250,000 tax-free coverage to protect their families today.

By Lin Ray on 22 Apr. 2024
A lot of people in Canada find life insurance to be tricky and too expensive. But things have changed in recent years. Now, there are life insurance plans that are simple, quick to apply for, and good on the wallet too!

Now, you can ask for a quote, apply, and get covered in 24 hours. No need for health checks, no visits from nurses, and no need to fill out loads of difficult forms!

For example, a 41-year-old female, non-smoker can get instant $250,000 coverage for just $31.40/month.*

Spending hours browsing the internet for the right policy at an affordable price is time consuming and frustrating. Now you can apply for a quote in minutes with the help of Quotes Finder.

Checking to see if you can apply won't cost a thing. You just need to match these two conditions:

       1. Your birth year is between 1943 - 2005
       2. You live in Canada

Getting started is easy:

      1. Click on your age below
      2. Answer some quick questions to find out how much immediate coverage you can get.
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