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Canadians with Pre-Existing Conditions Eligible for $50,000 Tax-Free Coverage

By Lin Ray on 15 Jul. 2024
Many Canadians are under the impression that a pre-existing condition or their medical history will make it impossible to obtain life insurance coverage. This misinformation leaves a large segment of the vulnerable population unprotected.

Specialty Life Insurance has designed a new product where your health is no longer a barrier to getting coverage. In fact, you can apply even with a history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many more serious conditions.

You don't have to go through a lengthy and stressful process to get the coverage you need. Specialty Life's Final Expense Plan is designed to provide instant life insurance 100% online - no face-to-face appointments, no paperwork, and no medical exams required. Plus, the coverage can be customized to fit your individual needs, and it's available to all Canadian residents between the ages of 18-74.

With this innovative plan, you can get up to $50,000 in coverage, including up to $200,000 in accidental death coverage. This means you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones will be financially protected if something unexpected happens to you.

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Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of traditional life insurance plans.

Applying for coverage is simple and hassle-free. No more in-person meetings or high-pressure sales tactics - you can purchase coverage from the comfort of your own home, instantly. And the best part? The plan's benefit is entirely tax-free!

Take control of your coverage and get instant protection with just a few clicks online. Don't let pre-existing conditions hold you back from protecting your loved ones' financial future. Get started now with Specialty Life's Final Expense Plan.

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