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Dual-income Canadians flock to easy protection for their family’s future

By Lin Ray on 27 May. 2024
With the cost of living rising fast, it’s safe to say you and your partner are probably like most Canadian couples, where the livelihood of your family depends on BOTH your incomes.

But what happens if you lose one of your incomes due to death? What sacrifices would your family have to make?
  • Would you have to sell your house or transportation?
  • Would your kids have to drop their extracurricular activities?
  • Would you have enough to cover all the bills and outstanding debt?
  • Would you have to cancel your kids’ college fund?
No one wants to imagine this terrible scenario, but too many Canadian families are forced to make these difficult sacrifices at the most difficult of times.

So how can a dual-income family protect their future?

More than ever, Canadian couples are giving certainty to their families through affordable No Medical Term Life Insurance — this flexible, and innovative plan specifically made with Canadian families in mind.
  • Leave your loved ones up to $1,000,000 — tax-free
  • Get affordable rates that guarantee to stay level
  • Fast & easy application, with no medical exams
  • Get a quote, apply, and get coverage all within 48 hours
Here is how to get started:
  1. Simply click on your age below
  2. Answer a few questions and see how much instant coverage you qualify for.
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