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How Canadians with serious health issues leaving up to $50,000 to their families, tax-free.

By Lin Ray on 27 Nov. 2023
Many Canadians wish to provide financial support to their families to cover final expenses such as:
  • Funeral costs
  • Outstanding bills & debts
  • Estate taxes
A tax-free life insurance benefit can be used by your family to cover such expenses; however, a misconception that you will be instantly denied coverage because of health issues or your medical history, stops many from applying.
Here’s the good news: Canadians wishing to provide financial support to their families, WILL NOT be denied life insurance due to health issues.
That’s because of a new life insurance product that’s become more and more popular in recent years: Specialty Life’s innovative Final Expense Plan.
What’s unique about this new plan?
  • Canadians have guaranteed acceptance between ages 18-74
  • You can apply & purchase online in less than 5 minutes
  • There’s no waiting for approval, no denials
  • You have complete coverage to age 100
  • The plan’s benefit is entirely tax-free
  • There is 30-day money back guarantee
If you're looking for a way to provide financial support for your family once you're gone, a Final Expense Plan is definitely worth considering.

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This affordable plan provides tax-free coverage up to $50,000 that is paid directly to your beneficiaries. The benefit can be used to cover funeral costs and expenses, medical bills or simply serve as a final gift to your loved ones. In addition up to $200,000 in accidental death coverage is included for no additional charge.
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