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Funerals in Canada can cost upwards $10,000. How savvy Canadians left their families debt-free.

By Lin Ray on 22 Apr. 2024
With inflation at decade-long highs, and interest rates on the rise, more and more Canadian seniors worry about the expenses they’ll leave their families when they pass away.
  • Funerals are more expensive due to inflation
  • Debt is less manageable due to rising interest rates
  • More and more families are living paycheque to paycheque
One thing seniors across this country can agree on is that now is NOT the time anyone would want to leave their family with extra debt and expenses.
Luckily, many Canadians have already realized complete peace of mind was much easier than they thought!
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Why did they choose this plan?

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It’s never been easier to leave your family debt-free.

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