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Innovative instant life insurance plan removes all barriers for Canadians over 40

By Lin Ray on 22 Apr. 2024

When we asked Canadians why they don’t have life insurance, their honesty was refreshing:

  • It requires time and effort to apply, and the whole process seems complicated 
  • It’s not an essential expense and the is cost is steep
  • I have health issues and afraid of denial

While these are all good reasons to be anxious about life insurance, the landscape of life insurance in Canada has changed dramatically, making room for more affordable and user-friendly options.

Enter Specialty Life Insurance, a game-changer Canadian company with their approach to no-fuss, no medical exam life insurance plans. Their latest innovation, Paramount Term, is directly addressing the hesitations many Canadians have about life insurance:

Paramount Term simplifies the process by offering immediate approval for up to $300,000 in tax-free coverage—without the need for medical exams or any paperwork. It's straightforward and hassle-free.

The plan also offers affordable, fixed rates, ensuring your premiums are guaranteed to stay level. For instance, a 40-year-old non-smoking woman can secure $250,000 in coverage for just $35.01 a month*.

While life insurance might feel like a luxury, think about how your loved ones depend on your income. Without it, their quality of life could really take a hit.

This plan is designed to accommodate Canadians with health issues and can provide coverage even with pre-existing conditions.

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Paramount Term guarantees your family financial protection during a difficult time. Your loved ones can use the tax-free payment to supplement lost income, pay outstanding debts, cover bills and face any other financial responsibilities. Without this shield, your family might have to shoulder these expenses for years. 

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