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Is your family at risk of losing their home?

By Lin Ray on 24 Jun. 2024

Like most homeowners, your mortgage payment is a big portion of your monthly expenses. It’s manageable for your family right now, but what if something happened to you?

The cost of owning a home keeps going up. 

The average Canadian homeowner owes $360,000 or more on their mortgage1. With higher housing costs and rising interest rates, monthly payments have steadily increased over the past few years. Some people’s variable mortgage payments shot up by 55% in 20222

If you passed away, could your family afford mortgage payments?

How would your loved ones afford to stay in the family home without your income? Their options might be to:

  • Use up savings to cover mortgage payments, and jeopardize future financial security.
  • Sell the house, and sacrifice the comfort and stability of their home. 
  • Suffer foreclosure, and risk losing hard-earned equity. 

There is an easy way to protect your family from losing their home.

No medical term life insurance gives your loved ones a financial safety net if you die. Getting a policy is fast and affordable. You choose the coverage amount and term length that meet your needs and budget.

  • Coverage is available up to $1,000,000.
  • Your beneficiary will receive a tax-free lump sum payment. 
  • Rates are affordable and stay the same for the length of your policy.
  • No medical exam is required, so you can complete the application process and have coverage in 48 hours.

Researching and comparing life insurance quotes can be a time consuming and frustrating task. This site makes it easy to get your personalized quote today. 

Get a quote in two easy steps:

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