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Pitfalls of life insurance from your employer

By Lin Ray on 27 May. 2024

Many employers offer life insurance, which is a valuable benefit considering it can significantly support your family if they depend on your income. Plus, not having to pay for this coverage is an added bonus.

However, there's a significant "but" to consider: though having this coverage provides a peace of mind, your family can be left vulnerable since:

  1. If you lose your job the coverage goes with it
  2. If you retire, you are no longer covered
  3. The coverage amount may not be enough to cover your family needs

Personal life insurance can cover what's missing in your employer's group insurance plan. However, looking for individual coverage can seem like a hassle, especially if you are concerned about cost or pre-existing conditions. This is where Specialty Life Insurance, a leading Canadian insurance provider steps in with their innovative Paramount Term plan.

The new Paramount Term plan can act as a great supplement to your current coverage through an employer or as stand alone coverage. So, what sets this pioneering plan apart?

  • Robust coverage up to $300,000 with no medical exams
  • Effortless, paperless application process with instant approval
  • Affordable premiums that are guaranteed to stay fixed - as an example 42 year-old female, non-smoker can get $250,000 coverage for $23.02/month*
  • Canadians with pre-existing conditions are welcome to apply

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While employer-provided life insurance is beneficial, it might not offer the long-term reliability of an individual plan. Paramount Term from Specialty Life Insurance can provide a stable protection without the hoops of traditional life insurance such as medical exams, blood tests and doctor’s reports.

It is designed to ensure Canadians enjoy a worry-free experience, providing the assurance that, no matter where your career takes you, your family’s protection is in place.

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